[ #routerbord ][ #mikrotik ][ #zabbix ] RouterboardがSNMPのbulk getに対応した。

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Screenshot-2017-12-7 MikroTik

以前に、ZabbixからSNMPによる値取得を行った場合、RouterOSがデフォルトのSNMP Bulk getに対応していないので、Zabbixの「bulkリクエストを使用」からチェックを外す必要がありました。
それが、RouterOS 6.41rc61でついにbulk getに対応したようです。


What’s new in 6.41rc61 (2017-Dec-06 08:15):

!) bridge – general implementation of hw-offload bridge (introduced in v6.40rc36);
*) bridge – disable “hw-offload" when “horizon" or “external-fdb" is set;
*) bridge – fixed hw-offloaded IGMP Snooping service getting stopped;
*) capsman – use “adaptive-noise-immunity" value from CAP local configuration;
*) certificate – added option to store CRL in RAM (CLI only);
*) certificate – improved CRL update after system startup;
*) certificate – show invalid flag when local CRL file does not exist;
*) crs317 – fixed reliability on FAN controller;
*) dhcpv4-server – added “NETWORK_GATEWAY" option variable;
*) filesystem – implemented additional system integrity checks on reboots;
*) firewall – added “tls-host" firewall matcher;
*) lte – fixed Passthrough support;
*) lte – update info command with “location area code" (LAC);
*) lte – provide lte info “physical cell id" values (R11e-LTE only);
*) ppp – added initial support for PLE902;
*) sms – log decoded USSD responses;
*) snmp – fixed consecutive OID bulk get from the same table;
*) system – show USB topology for the device info;
*) webfig – fixed router getting reset to default configuration;
*) winbox – added switch menu on RB1100AHx4;
*) winbox – do not show MetaROUTER stuff on RB1100AHx4;
*) wireless – check APs against connect-list rules starting with strongest signal;
*) wireless – do not show background scan frequencies in the monitor command channel field;
*) wireless – fixed channel selection when special channels used (introduced in v6.41rc);
*) wireless – increased the EAP message retransmit count;


少なくともzabbix server側のlogにはSNMPのエラーは出力されなくなること、また、値は正常に取得できることを確認しました。

$ cat zabbix_server.log | grep "SNMP error:"


$ zabbix_server --version
zabbix_server (Zabbix) 3.4.4
Revision 74338 7 November 2017, compilation time: Nov  9 2017 10:42:06

Copyright (C) 2017 Zabbix SIA
License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it according to
the license. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)





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