[ #mikrotik ][ #routerboard ] Winbox 3.0rc1 が公開されてた。

2015-01-24 10:24:24mikrotikMikrotik, Routerboard, winbox


MikroTik RouterOS • View topic – Winbox 3 RC /


Overall highlights of Winbox 3:

・Remembers all layout details between sessions
・Inline comments global setting
・Winbox loader can self upgrade
・Choose any of the saved sessions when connecting to a router
・Group, filter and sort saved routers
・Set up master password to encrypt router database
・Move database to dropbox or copy to a different PC
・Import or export database to Winbox 2 format
・Ability to keep Loader open when connecting
・If connection is lost, it will offer to reconnect later
・Log can be sorted, and now has columns

まだそんなに触っていないのですが、とりあえずlogの表示方法が昇順から降順に変わったようです。あとはInline Commentsとかあるんですがどうやって使うのか・・・

2015-01-24 10:24:24mikrotikMikrotik, Routerboard, winbox