[ #zabbix] zabbix_sender でタイムスタンプを付けて送付しようとすると、Unixtimeはint型じゃなきゃ駄目っぽい?

2016-02-20 09:53:25zabbixunbound, unixtime, zabbix, 統計情報



-T, –with-timestamps
This option can be only used with –input-file option.

Each line of the input file must contain 4 whitespace delimited entries: . Timestamp should be specified in Unix timestamp format. If target item has triggers referencing it, all timestamps must be in an increasing order, otherwise event calculation will not be correct.

An example of a line of the input file:

“Linux DB3" db.connections 1429533600 43

For more details please see option –input-file.


zabbix_sender [3682]: Warning: [line 1] invalid 'Timestamp' value detected
Sending failed.


このあたりはZabbix 3.0で仕様が変わったんでしょうか?

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2016-02-20 09:53:25zabbixunbound, unixtime, zabbix, 統計情報