[NAS][FreeBSD] FreeNAS 10 Corral 10.0.2が公開になってた。

2017/04/01 12:09Software10.0.2,corral,FreeBSD,FreeNAS,アップデート


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10になってから色々と変わっているFreeNAS 10 Corralですが、さっそく10.0.2が公開になっていました。


Current Version
New Version
Blocks Until Resolved

22280 Links in System>Support are broken

22341 Creating lagg interfaces in UI fails

22171 Error saving mail settings
22173 Wizard=>Create Volume=>Profile always selects raidz1
22205 Can’t attach disk to boot volume in GUI
22217 selected disks for scheduled SMART tests are shown unselected after saving
22218 error: Service sshd does not have the following key: service
22347 VMWare Snapshots are failing with the error “Task vmstore has failed: TypeError object has no attribute msg".
22413 Unable to reboot after exporting volume encryption key
22466 Replacing disks in password encrypted pools fails

22224 Incorrect tooltip in calendar for smart
22226 Old logo still used for favicon in Corral
22273 Upgraded to Corral: iscsi share wasn’t migrated
22275 SMB service not starting due to wrong permissions
22313 FF Foldable Section Icon is whack yo
22320 Number Unit Component should look better on FF
22374 Rogue Directory Service cannot be deleted
22392 NFS service not starting due to missing type casting

21980 lagg doesn’t migrate from 9.10 to 10-RC1
22093 NGINX should be using HTTP2 instead of SPDY
22118 adding docker host without selecting datastore fails
22219 Release build uses FreeNAS-Corral-Nightlies train by default
22271 Long drop-down selection menus are broken in Firefox
22317 Syslog Server Being Bombarded
22321 “Allow empty passwords" in SMB configuration form needs to be removed
Nice to have

22336 Browser tabs still say “FreeNAS 10"
22384 Microsoft Account user mapping
22473 Wrong order of cleanup in docker CLI tests
22474 add sas3ircu
22513 arc_summary.py gives traceback when run from shell
22514 arcstat.py gives traceback when run from shell
No priority

22260 IO Errors with SQLite and 9P?



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2017/04/01 12:09Software10.0.2,corral,FreeBSD,FreeNAS,アップデート

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