[Linux][仮想化] QEMU 2.3.0-rc2が公開。

[Qemu-devel] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 2.3.0-rc2 is now available


KVMとS390に対する多くの新機能の実装、ARMボードを含むその他の変更、個人的には大変気になる5KEc/5KEf MIPS64r2とM14K/M14Kc MIPS32r2などのMIPSプロセッサのサポート、新しいx86 Ivy Bridgeのサポート、などがあるようです。

f2155a0: Update version for v2.3.0-rc2 release (Peter Maydell)
14655e9: glib-compat: fix problems with not-quite glib 2.22 (Cornelia Huck)
fb8597b: Use $(MAKE) for recursive make (Ed Maste)
4cc856f: kvm-all: Sync dirty-bitmap from kvm before kvm destroy the corresponding dirty_bitmap (zhanghailiang)
0a7cf21: util/qemu-config: fix regression of qmp_query_command_line_options (Marcel Apfelbaum)
9cb11fd: target-i386: clear bsp bit when designating bsp (Nadav Amit)
420957a: qga: fitering out -fstack-protector-strong (Joseph Hindin)
cbea0c2: target-i386: save 64-bit CR3 in 64-bit SMM state save area (Paolo Bonzini)
9f9bdf4: sysbus: Make devices picking up backends unavailable with -device (Markus Armbruster)
1910913: sdhci: Make device “sdhci-pci” unavailable with -device (Markus Armbruster)
19f33f1: hw: Mark device misusing nd_table[] FIXME (Markus Armbruster)
d71b22b: hw: Mark devices picking up char backends actively FIXME (Markus Armbruster)
af9e40a: hw: Mark devices picking up block backends actively FIXME (Markus Armbruster)
11f10cf: hw/arm/vexpress: Don’t double-free flash filename (Peter Maydell)
c408d27: hw/arm/virt: Fix corruption due to double free (Shannon Zhao)
25b9fb1: target-arm: kvm64 fix save/restore of SPSR regs (Alex Bennée)
0e4b586: target-arm: kvm64 sync FP register state (Alex Bennée)
74fdb78: hw/intc: arm_gic_kvm.c restore config first (Alex Bennée)
1a1753f: target-arm: kvm: save/restore mp state (Alex Bennée)
7847f9e: target-arm: Store SPSR_EL1 state in banked_spsr[1] (SPSR_svc) (Peter Maydell)
4de9a88: hw/arm/virt: Fix memory leak reported by Coverity (Stefan Weil)
db25a15: hw/arm/vexpress: Fix memory leak reported by Coverity (Stefan Weil)
60ff4e6: hw/arm/highbank: Fix resource leak and wrong image loading (Stefan Weil)
2cdb5e1: CVE-2015-1779: limit size of HTTP headers from websockets clients (Daniel P. Berrange)
a2bebfd: CVE-2015-1779: incrementally decode websocket frames (Daniel P. Berrange)
4025446: Revert “exec: Respect as_tranlsate_internal length clamp” (Paolo Bonzini)
a59629f: rcu: do not create thread in pthread_atfork callback (Paolo Bonzini)
e65bef6: pc: acpi: fix pvpanic regression (Igor Mammedov)
36bce5c: hostmem: Prevent removing an in-use memory backend (Lin Ma)
d6edb15: qom: Add can_be_deleted callback to UserCreatableClass (Lin Ma)
a18bb41: qom: Fix object_property_add_alias() with [*] (Andreas Färber)
6ca90ff: i440fx-test: Fix test paths to include architecture (Andreas Färber)
45b0f83: qtest: Add qtest_add() wrapper macro (Andreas Färber)
7949c0e: qtest: Add qtest_add_data_func() wrapper function (Andreas Färber)
53850b8: fw_cfg-test: Fix test path to include architecture (Andreas Färber)
f1fdaf5: target-tricore: fix CACHEA/I_POSTINC/PREINC using data register.. (Bastian Koppelmann)
fa92e21: s390x/ipl: avoid sign extension (Cornelia Huck)
f65025c: s390x: do not include ram_addr.h (Paolo Bonzini)
d03a363: virtio-ccw: range check in READ_VQ_CONF (Cornelia Huck)
590fe57: virtio-ccw: fix range check for SET_VQ (Cornelia Huck)
fc3d8e1: AHCI: Protect cmd register (John Snow)
a13ab5a: AHCI: Do not (re)map FB/CLB buffers while not running (John Snow)
4e60a25: hw/net/e1000: fix integer endianness (Shannon Zhao)
da2cf4e: block: Document blockdev-add’s immaturity (Markus Armbruster)
61815d6: qemu-iotests: Test unaligned 4k zero write (Fam Zheng)
fc3959e: block: Fix unaligned zero write (Fam Zheng)
2115f2a: nvme: Fix unintentional integer overflow (OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN) (Stefan Weil)
896848f: seccomp: libseccomp version varying according to arch (Eduardo Otubo)
4cdfc93: gtk: do not call gtk_widget_get_window if drawing area is not initialized (Hervé Poussineau)
43edc0e: migration: remove last_sent_block from save_page_header (Juan Quintela)
80b262e: rdma: Fix cleanup in error paths (Padmanabh Ratnakar)
7c76235: Avoid crashing on multiple -incoming (Dr. David Alan Gilbert)
4020db0: virtio-scsi-dataplane: fix memory leak for VirtIOSCSIVring (Ting Wang)
fe75270: misc: fix typos in copyright declaration (Gonglei)
f18c69c: exec: avoid possible overwriting of mmaped area in qemu_ram_remap (Paolo Bonzini)
c6e7650: powerpc: fix -machine usb=no for newworld and pseries machines (Paolo Bonzini)
5b2128d: PPC: pseries: Implement boot once=foo (Alexander Graf)
fda276c: target-ppc: Remove POWER5+ v0.0 that never existed (Alexey Kardashevskiy)
4c56440: spapr: Add missing checks for NULL pointers and report failures (Stefan Weil)
0d2f830: pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to qemu-slof-20150313 (Alexey Kardashevskiy)
8e7ba4e: sparc: memory: Replace memory_region_init_ram with memory_region_allocate_system_memory (Dirk Müller)
6a926fb: mips: memory: Replace memory_region_init_ram with memory_region_allocate_system_memory (Dirk Müller)
1d5bfde: m68k: memory: Replace memory_region_init_ram with memory_region_allocate_system_memory (Dirk Müller)
7e0e736: virtio-net: validate backend queue numbers against bus limitation (Jason Wang)
7976a6d: virtio-serial: fix virtio config size (Michael S. Tsirkin)
c167e2e: acpi: Add missing GCC_FMT_ATTR to local function (Stefan Weil)
78fa62f: nbd: Fix up comment after commit e140177 (Markus Armbruster)
0dc40f2: vmw_pvscsi: use PCI DMA APIs (Paolo Bonzini)
16578c6: megasas: use PCI DMA APIs (Paolo Bonzini)
bdd459a: cpus: Don’t kick un-realized cpus. (Peter Crosthwaite)
4bc7b4d: i6300esb: Fix signed integer overflow (David Gibson)
06b82e2: i6300esb: Correct endiannness (David Gibson)
3a5c76b: fw_cfg: factor out initialization of FW_CFG_ID (rev. number) (Gabriel L. Somlo)
8a5956a: rcu tests: fix compilation on 32-bit ppc (Paolo Bonzini)
8e27fc2: seccomp: update libseccomp version and remove arch restriction (Eduardo Otubo)





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