PC、Gadgetfirmware,hpe,Lights-Out 100,ML110G6


2012年3月6日でLights-Out 100のFirmwareがupdateされていました。ML110 G6の場合はBIOS(O27)のものが対象のようです。
また対象はML110 G6だけでなくG6/G7世代の幾つかのシリーズが対象のようです。


Enhancements/New Features:

Added the capability to support longer DNS name lengths as specified in the DNS specification for remote Keyboard, Video, Mouse Switch (KVMS) functionality when not using the Lights-Out 100 DHCP DNS services.

Problems Fixed:

Resolved an issue where the full range of VLAN IDs could not be configured. The higher IDs were not allowed.

Resolved an issue where a false fan failure event could potentially power down systems that had been on for 497 days. This was a rare circumstance only seen on some systems.

Resolved an issue, which was caused by a memory leak, that could result in the Lights-Out 100 becoming unresponsive.

Known Issues:

It is possible for the user to disable all user accounts from the user administration screen.