[Linux][Kernel] Linux Kernel stable 3.16が公開。


長らくmainlineだったLinux Kernel 3.16がstableリリースされました。


•Samsung Exynos multi-platform support so that the Samsung ARM SoC kernel support is on-par with many other ARM SoCs and the ability to have a single kernel image support multiple ARM devices.
•Better upstream Jetson TK1 ARM development platform support.
•Broadwell support within Intel’s P-State driver.
•Dell free-fall driver support to see if your Latitude laptop is falling.
•A new Synaptics input driver.
•Blk-mq is nearly feature complete as the multi-queue block layer implementation.
•For those still with an old Nokia N900 smart-phone, the modem is now supported by the mainline Linux kernel.
•Initial GK20A support as the NVIDIA Kepler-based GPU within the Tegra K1 SoC. The ARM hardware support in general has improved a fair amount with this new kernel.
•Nouveau support for Kepler GPU re-clocking albeit the support varies and there’s more improvements to be made.
•Intel Cherryview support for the upcoming Intel Atom SoC succeeding Bay Trail / Valley View graphics.
•AMD Radeon graphics are faster with DRM improvements made in this latest kernel release.




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