[ #mikrotik ][ #routerboard ] Winbox 3.0 beta3 has been published.


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Winbox3 beta3 was previously published if you noticed.
such as follow-up to the last line of the log seems to be the major changes.

What’s new in v3.0beta3:

*) make log table show last entries automatically;
*) fixed problem were changing managed entries made them disappear;
*) when sorting by groups inline category headers as well;
*) added “New Winbox” button;
*) fixed crash when opening tools|profile;

What’s new in v3.0beta2:

*) fixed problem where winbox crashed if wirless-fp package was installed on the router;
*) fixed problem where winbox crashed if Activate button was pressed in Stores menu;

What’s new in v3.0beta1:

*) implemented self upgrade;
*) added ability to open new session in new window;



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