[ubuntu][自分用メモ] My Weather Indicator 0.6.8 が公開されてた。

お天気インジケーター について_020

My Weather Indicator 0.6.8 /

天気予報をグローバルメニューに常駐させておくことのできる、My Weather IndicatorのBug fix版が公開されていました。


  • weather applet crashes frequently in 14.04;
  • crash w/ coredump on first run in some cases;
  • my-weather-indicator blocks suspend / standby on Ubuntu 14.04 in some cases;
  • crash with OpenWeatherMap;
  • Forecast not fitting on 1024X600 screen;
  • characters outside of the widget;
  • weather applet crashed on login if there is no connection;
  • get_dew_point raises unhandled ValueError with negative humidity;
  • widgets close when reducing all windows;
  • font characters in widget showing as squares in some cases;
  • added support for Vietnamese font;
  • local time incorrect when 24 hr format used as system time;
  • Evolution crashes with yahoo service;
  • Yahoo weather service always showing forecast conditions the same as current;
  • Shows all day sunrise as all day sunset;
  • wrong time in Dawn/Sunrise/Sunset/Dusk (i.e. “20:60”);
  • weather doesn’t update in some cases;
  • second weather location displays wrong time by -2Hrs;
  • no forecast data for the next 4 days from Yahoo;
  • current weather symbol for the secondary location is wrong;
  • evolution only on Second Location and not working properly;
  • occasional HTTP 503 errors causes applet to stop updating;
  • time not synchronized from widget to PC;
  • weather applet doesn’t start in some cases;
  • second location missing from panel after reboot;
  • incorrect icons: daytime ones displayed at night;
  • day/night time weather icon problem for the second location;
  • auto location not working at all;
  • My-weather-indicator crashes on Ubuntu 13.10 in some cases;
  • crash on startup after changing weather source;
  • wrong Sunrise and Sunset time;



sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install my-weather-indicator python3-requests
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